The predators give most of us an offer that most of us cannot...

Agent-x - September 2 2011, 9:12 AM

The predators give most of us an offer that most of us cannot refuses.

Those that are well entrenched, anchored in the Haitian history, cultural values and strong will power cannot succumb from repeated and relentless imperialist assaults with their consumerist and materialistic heavy artillery.

Those that are frivolous, materialistic and have weakness for style over substances are the ones that fell for those predators games and are being recruited to destroy their own nations in exchanges for material possessions.

Those predators know how to spot and recruit those feeble minded.

Those O.N.G. are undermining the essence of the Haitian cultural strength, by corrupting the impressionable mind of our youth.

Haiti will need at least 190,000 cultural macoutes to neutralize the damage already done by the degenerate predators in Haiti.

This morning it is reported that four Uruguayan soldiers from MUNISTAH sexually assaulted an 18 y/o man in Port Salut, Haiti.

See detail from the link below.

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Agent-x,after reading that info "the excuse to...


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