I have been calling on Martelly to exercise his constitutional...

Tiba - August 30 2011, 6:00 PM

I have been calling on Martelly to exercise his constitutional power to revok/cancel/confiscate the pasports of the entire legislative members and stop them from ever traveling outside Haiti even if their lives depend on it.

Secondly, Martelly needs to stop the entire legislative members from getting paid until they put a government in place.

If these "voyoux" cannot travel the world at will and are not getting paid, I guarantee you they will ratify a prime minister and form a government over night.

Thirdly, there must never be a PRIME MINISTER post as head of the government in Haiti, ever. The prime minister post must be srapped off the Haiti's consticipation, oops! I did it again, my bad! I meant to say Haiti's constitution.

Haiti needs a president and a vice-president, pure and simple.

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