That is very poor and mean from our president, because all of...

Max Mlls - July 30 2011, 9:47 AM

That is very poor and mean from our president, because all of us are fighting for freedom of speech .And democracy begins from the press itself cause it is the mediator from the people and the hierarchy.

Why we Haitians want to water down the truth and begin to criticize the media for a great job they are doing.

Many have lost their lives because of the truth.

They just want us to know what is going in the political arena.

Have you already forgotten some great names in the Haitian Journalism who died for telling the truth.

If one finds out the president is a loafer why do we want to crucify him, it is just a warning sign .What is the difference in local news and national, I see no difference myself as long it happens in the Island.

Murders happen everywhere and anywhere, the truth has to be told for the people to be cautious.

Why do we have to hide the truth that the country is dirty and needs to be clean to attract tourists, look our town every thing is upside down since and before the earthquake and there is no excuse for the president to hire some men to clean the streets.

Crimes are not unfortunate.

Unfortunate news are mother nature events such as flood, earthquake.

Even fire is not unfortunate because it can be happened by anybody.

The whole world already see how Haiti is so dirty.

That is why tourists are afraid to come. As the journalist said to the president if you want good news start to do something good. No one is naive here, many things have already portrayed Haiti to a low ranking in the world.

So if the media is trying by any means to remind the leaders to wake up. Let us back them up by expressing what we want ourselves for our country.

If we begin to see that our president is telling us to shut up we soon see a rising dictator in our face and it will be too late. Always remember the media is the heart beat of a nation, they are more fragile and expose to danger than anybody else.

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