Protocol is very important. I respect Mr Martelly for being...

Kagie22 - July 30 2011, 12:10 PM

Protocol is very important.

I respect Mr Martelly for being the President of Haiti and I support you a 100%.

As a media person, I would advise you as a president to use protocol as a head of Haiti.

You are no longer sweet micky kap desan pantalon nan tout bal et sou Eastern Parkway in New York. You are a president, you must now assume your responsabilities, and use your intelligence when addressing your people( The news/ promoters, diaspora, his chain of Command etc).

To lead your nation, you must dump the garbage and accusations with no solid evidence, and talk clean business.

Mr President or Martelly if you are a real leader use common sense, figure out tools to attract tourism.

The media is their job to report everything unnoticeable.

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