1-No they should reduce the salary of the president to 1/5...

Tatiana Leonard - July 23 2011, 8:42 PM

1-No they should reduce the salary of the president to 1/5 because he claims that he does not work as a president to get rich but he gets the job to help the people so lets him prove it.
2- they should sell his jet that stay on the airport runway most of the time so the money could pay teachers.

3-They should sell all the jewelries the own which is in excess of 4 millions dollars already.

4- All the new fat bank accounts belong to Haitians that were open since May 2011 on Swiss banks, Bahamas bank, Cayman Island should be investigated and appropriate action must be taken if the money are stolen.

5-No money should be allocated for the military aka thugs.

Tontons macoutes that committed crimes in the past should build the roads for free.

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Here is my thought on the subject: The current salary...

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Tatiana,selling that jet would not change anything...

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