Hey man...I said that before, those corrupted men in the...

Jean - July 14 2011, 7:11 PM

Hey man...I said that before, those corrupted men in the parliarment are very allergic to changes.The only way Gousse can have a shot is to bribe them, other than that he is out of the picture.

These men want to keep the status quo so they can continue to steal and commit fraud.That is how they make money.

Martelly has three options; Have a new constitution and call the people for a referendum or Mix himself with those corrupted men in the parliarment by choosing Bellerive or Send all of them home. I bet you, if it was in the constitution that they should not have a paycheck until having a prime minister, the problem today would be history.

It is all they care about.

Do they care about those people that the mayor of P-au-P asks to leave the around of sylvyo cator without knowing where they are going?

The mayor has plan for 40 families, while it is estimated at 500 families to be relocated; the mayor is probably never around the area since the earthquake.

Do the parliarmentary say anything about that?The people have until tomorrow to leave.

I know the story of a lot of them in the parliarment that does not look good.

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