Plan for building the Toussint L'ouverture airport started...

Agent-x - July 13 2011, 8:17 PM

Plan for building the Toussint L'ouverture airport started during the Governement of Paul Eugene Magloire but for some reason the plan was on hold while the governement was still using the airport at Bowen Field Mais gate.However, because of technological change in the aviation industry aircraft propellers were replaced by to Boeing 707 which requires longer Airport runway.The Duvalier regime was forced to build another Airport.


Dr. Francois Duvalier

Ahh Non!! Agent-X Ahhh NON!!! Did you say Dr. Francois Duvalier? If you ever travel to Haiti. The only way Smelly wild...

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Agent-x,don't bother. Aristide too did a very good...

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