Jean, you are so right about it, now his playing Russian...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 9 2011, 8:44 PM

Jean, you are so right about it, now his playing Russian roulette with these bastards and that is not, not, not good at all for the people, unless he engage himself in high speed to cross over them "The Parliaments bastards".

Not only the people stay quiet there are many reasons for that, but how long can they wait or keep their cool and peace?

Sincerely, No room for this asshole Bernard Gousse this time.
Mwen pa ta souyete Mateli kontinye ap voye kaka pou'li choizi yon premye minis.

He need to choose a new blood, first of all he should have around 70 percent new blood around him for is Gov.

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If Martelly does not dissolve the parliarment he will...

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