Haiti is never going to have a functioning government because...

Tiba - July 7 2011, 8:51 PM

Haiti is never going to have a functioning government because these morons in the parliament will never ratify anyone that Martelley will appoint as prime minister.

Like I said before, these getho rats got in the government for three objective only, 1) to steal as much money as they can in the shortest time possible to buy a villa in Miami and one in Spain, 2) to engage in sexual activities with as many young under age Haitian children and women, and 3) to keep humiliating Haitians every second they get.

Ratifying a prime minister is the ultimate example humiliation of those evil subhumans member in the Haitian parliament are doing to the Haitian people.

The longer Haiti can go without a functioning government after 2 months of the swearing in of the new president, the more the rest of the world would look at Haitians as the most useless and disgraceful they are to the rest of the world.

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