Actually, this is exactly what I have been looking forward to...

Jim - July 7 2011, 4:17 PM

Actually, this is exactly what I have been looking forward to: a real showdown between the Executive and the Legislative powers, for a true political crisis in Haiti.

We need this. Why?

This is the only way, fundamental issues of legitimacy of the Inite clan will be brought forward within the Haitian political context, for everyone to see and understand, and for all, without a doubt, establish what the clan stands for.

Should the proposed Prime Minister Brousse is not ratified, - I believe he will not be ratified- the legislators who voted against will sorely regret their action.

The Haitian population will then understand that these legislators are in fact against the well being, and interests of the country, against progress in Haiti and there is nothing good to expect from these people.

My prediction is that, in the end, this political showdown will involve a fair bit of physical violence, coming from the Haitian population towards these idiots and clowns.

When it becomes clear, in the eyes of the majority and the poor that those who are against change in Haiti are in fact a gang of political hack who are there because of much corruption (and now with a bit of money and a semblance of power), they will have deserved what they got.

When the next legislative election comes, much of this problem will be resolved as most of Inite and Lavalassiens legislators will be kicked out. Martelly would then be able to implement the reforms he had proposed.

Interestingly, all those hoping that Martelly could succeed should welcome this showdown that is taking place right now on the Haitian

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