Let start by kicking these nepales soldiers out of the...

Lloyd - July 3 2011, 10:14 AM

Let start by kicking these nepales soldiers out of the country.Take the UN to the world court.Sue them for
each haitian that suffered and died of Cholera,$1000000.00 to each victim family.Ask them to allow a country of our choice to help us rebuild our military.Our armed forces should be at least 10% of our population instead of paying the UN an arm and leg to disrespect, kill,rape our people.It'll cost 75 to, 80% less to our young men and women to protect us than paying the Un to teorize our people.Oh!Dessalines, where are you?Help us, come back plese, take the foreigners boots of our kneck

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I feel that they should pay for the lost that the...

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