Josy, yes my dear. Matter of fact just before the earthquakes...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 2 2011, 12:48 AM

Josy, yes my dear.
Matter of fact just before the earthquakes, one male student around 18 to 20 years of age was badly beating and serve a weird kind of food mix with a chemical "i mean they force that thing in his throat", just because he make or imitate the goat call and ran, while they were passing by, they ran after him took him to their base, they hold him for more than 24 hours and they let him go after a lot of humiliation.

We did not have any Haitian officials with guts enough to approach them to makes a request on his behalf.

The only animals they don't steal are horses, donkeys,mules, cows and i am not too sure about those, i guess because there are too big to carry or clean.

Please, you can ask around.

The reasons i know it's because i own a lot of lives stock in Haiti and my guardian keep posted weekly.

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WOW! I never heard of this one before about the...

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