Haitians living in haitian have their minds darken on many...

Maxo Louis Jean - June 30 2011, 8:16 PM

haitians living in haitian have their minds darken on many things and because of that dark mind they behave real ignorant.

now my question is which country in the world that doesn't sell some land to foreigners or investers?

aren't haitians living abroad purchase houses or land?

so what the hek they talking about the President is selling the country.

look at it this way reason why we don't have electricity 24/7 is because government doesn't have the money to maintain it, the land line phone, the water same thing.

I bet you if the government privatise those services everybody will have access to those basic needs.

i sincerely believe this new government is about something good for the people of haiti so what i can tell them is to " RETE POZE" and watch the gorvernment and also to listen attentively when the president is addressing the nation and try to understand his language.

Love you all and lets believe that haiti will change.

also let us entere mantalite negatif la.

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