don't give in --- martelli

Consequence Chabon Bois - June 30 2011, 2:56 PM

You have been appointed by Divine power for a great mission.

Don't ever say you not a politician.

Don't ever say you are
powerless againts the odds. Among this crowd you have been
shosen to deliver a nation from the snares of his captors.

You may not be perfect, you may not be one of them, but you
have been selected by a dying mother HAITI to rescue her.
Like every great men who ever step this globe, you will
have many fights, but because of your anointed power you
will be victorious.

Fear not. Do what it takes.

You have
nothing to loose.

Don't never give-in tho the tirans.

You have only one option, be the PRESIDENT.

dont take less.
Call Upon the people of Haiti, Call upon the Diaspora, Call
upon the world Call upon God. all of them are ready to defend
you. But DONT GIVE IN.


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