This kind of extravaganza and flamboyancy is a preview of what...

Ank T R Ayisyen - June 22 2011, 1:34 AM

This kind of extravaganza and flamboyancy is a preview of what to expect from this administration.

Soon the first lady will go to France to buy jewelries and fur-coat for herself and expensive gifts for her families, relatives, friends and confidants.

If such shopping spree is done at this rate in 36 days after being president, this will make Jean Claude Duvalier look thrifty and more conservative with his spending as we saw that Jean Claude Duvalier bought a few sports cars and young ladies not private jet.
Why bother to buy a private jet?

1-Those that use commercial airlines are subject to inspection against trafficking in weapons, cocaine, crack and other illegal drugs.

Having a private jet piloted by a corrupt ex US military with deep connection in the system will help in bypassing those restrictions.

2-He and his family could sneak in and out of the country any time. When the political tension will be too hot for him to handle, he could fled the country and escape criminal prosecution for his anticipated crime for the empire.

Where Mickey find that money?

Sweet Mickey CDs Oulala music series are not in the top 10 all-time best sellers to justify the acquisition of a private jet. Therefore, our boys and girls are siphoning the Haitian earthquake monies.

If this looting continues at this rate let say $ 15 million a month and money he will hide in Bahamas, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe Jamaica, Martinique and Trinidad to be in safe side to avoid visa and frozen account issue by the USA, he will steal between one to three billion within his 60 months in power.

Some Americans accomplices who will help him looting the country will get their cut from the money.

His net pay will be around 1.5 billion and people will still living in tents, children will still living in the streets, never seen by medical doctor and never been in school after his 60 months.

The PAYIZANS will still be waiting for a RESPONSE but will realize that the mulattos

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