Agent x, look who's talking about violence? Agent x, an agent...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 19 2011, 4:00 PM

Agent x, look who's talking about violence?

Agent x, an agent of Satan!
By the away, i am mourning now i don't have time to waste with cold supporter criminal like you.
Tell Aristide for me the family will have his burial in Boston because Haiti is not clean enough for us to go to his funeral there.

I am not a killer that kill in cold blood like you guys.
Few years back"secret mission"one MIG was out of ammo after repeatedly trying to take me down, i realize he couldn't lock his system on me, i just simply made a reverse loop on him to get his tail and locked my system on him to make him know i will shot if he don't escape, and i let him go.
Lavalas kills only good people included new born babies.

Remember with your own word"The operation makandal began"
Pray God what they told me this morning are not true, cause Lavalas will be instinct in Haiti.

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