They need to have a meticulous screening process, and it will...

Josy - June 17 2011, 1:52 AM

They need to have a meticulous screening process, and it will not be 100 fraud proof.

You know the system in Haiti, and it is very complicated.

"Marraines", "Parrains", "moune pas", "moune pays", "macomeres", "moncomperes", etc...

You must also consider we do have a serious housing crisis in Haiti, and the government should build the communities in other parts of the country.

You can check out the community LOVE A CHILD is building near the border of Haiti, and the DR for the amputees.

You should check out their website, and they cost five thousands dollars with nice furnitures.

Bob, and Sherry Burnett have been living in the area for over 20 years, and are angels sent by GOD. You cannot grow food in the area, and there is no clean water.

They built clinics, schools, churches, radio station, orphanages, and also feed the kids. They travel from village to village with other Christians volunteers to distribute food, and have mobile clinics.

You have to read it, and see with your own eyes. The officials from the DR government have visited the projects, and want to implement them in their country.

It is going to take years, but President Martelly will do it and need two terms or more.

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