My comment on this issue is this: i never believe that they...

Maxo Louis Jean - June 16 2011, 8:10 PM

My comment on this issue is this: i never believe that they houses will be absolutely free of cost, but if you look at what will they pay for them its a give away.

2nd of all, haitians needs to abandon this mentality of freeness and stop behaving like they can't help themselves.

i live in Barbados government say the same thing but in reality nobody gets free house, but they sell them at affordable cost to low income earners.

i must say that i am very very happy to hear that news and this is simething i sg=hared on this site, bcoz no government ever thought of doing something like that for the people.

so then it raise the question about salary.

usually people will have to get a loan or mortgage for such purchase.

anyway i don't know what system they will put in place for people who wants to buy one. generally i am very excited abou this innitiative good job mon president and all the best.


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