Agent x, Are we animals? Why we cannot see 50 to 100 years...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 15 2011, 6:59 PM

Agent x,
Are we animals?

Why we cannot see 50 to 100 years from now in favor of all Haitians?

With all that so-called rational thinking of yours, to me you are blind like bat and i believe this is not the first time i told you, you are blind and useless.

"Very naive of you, if you think people nowadays are ignorant"
Preval play a nice game of maroons with the masters at the right time.This is the difference Preval has between his partner Aristide.

For your information Haiti is sinking in quicksand.

I would like to know what are we going to do about it?

Are we going to assassinate each other?

Are we going to stand and watch?

Are we not in the same ship?

According to your last message, i think you are getting close to reality.

Remember all Haitians are intellectually challenge now, not yesterday.

You claims that Duvalierist are extreme to violence.

I wonder after Duvalier.How many people dies after in Haiti for the past 25 years?

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Most people who belong to the Duvalierist Camp are...


On Martelly blog someone is impersonating me as Agent-X

Since May 29th 2011 I have been experiencing denial of services (DoS) from The Martelly

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You misunderstood me. Two heads are better than one...

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