Oh lord! Ii beg you to protect this Haitian idiot. He has a...

Mitch - June 14 2011, 9:18 PM

Oh lord! Ii beg you to protect this Haitian idiot.

He has a poor vocabulary, he is grammatically deficient, he is imaginatively challenged.

He makes a fool of himself any time he touches a keyboard.

He is incoherently arrogant.

You have inspired Al gore to give us the Internet; you forgot to ban the likes of him from the internet.

As much as he embarrasses us Haitians, I pray for his family < kids and wife/wives.

I know how much shame his escapades have brought to them. I know. Yes I do know. I know his wife/wives wish to be made widow; may be just because she or they no longer love him. Sadly his children would like to be orphans the same. Please! Just Change him, while you protect him from the imprecations of his close ones. Give him the wisdom to never miss an opportunity respect and honor someone who is 221 1/2 times smarter than he will ever be; Most importantly to never miss an opportunity to shut up.
This prayer I say in the name of the Haitian people.

Good kuck.

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Agent x,Aristide was cornered and ask to leave the...


On Martelly blog someone is impersonating me as Agent-X

Since May 29th 2011 I have been experiencing denial of services (DoS) from The Martelly

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