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Blackitalianstallion - June 4 2011, 2:03 PM

help help help help help help help help
this pays need help not politik talk let the people eat please and place to stay
each one have to doo a part in the house / one clean one wash plate /one cook / one peint/ so on and and on and onthat's your house every body feel good every body happy to much suffering please my people need help now we have a president one and lonely let him doo the job please dont slow him down exellence doctor joseph michel martelly is the only one president pleas8 dont compare haiti with other pays now please
president de tal bagail is not apresident/president de tal bagail is not apresident president de tal bagail is not a president/ thre's one and only is martelly.

there's lot of extra terestre in haiti that you dont know.the dont want my people function well because they are not haitiens /if you are haitiens dont
rt he people suffer and if la chambre is to big va dans le couloir si non va dans le corrrrrrrrridor
pleas8 let lexelence doo the job: doctor mr joseph michel martelly tete cale

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