God and Jesus do not have an ego, they do not need to be...

Bernard - May 19 2011, 8:38 PM

God and Jesus do not have an ego, they do not need to be worshipped, this is the kind of ridiculous knowlege that is killing Haiti, its the same as those belief in voodoo.

The problem with Haiti is that we stayed the same way since independence, the lighter skins controlled everything because they were the sons and daughters of the french, and its has always been that way.The second thing is for the past 60 years every president has pocketed the money and did nothing for the country.

Most of the elite of Haiti right now are arabs! Why is that?

Its time that the diaspora start putting their knowledge to work for Haiti and start changing the landscape, dark skin and light working together toward a common goal. Forget that religious crap, thats how papa doc and Aristide kept ignorant Haitians in line.

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My brothers and sisters, the problem of Haiti is not...

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