The black out was done either by Martelly people or by the...

Caribbean Observer - May 19 2011, 6:09 AM

The black out was done either by Martelly people or by the Americans for the same reason.

Martelly was put in Haiti by the USA and under its protection.

There is no way that some one will cut the cord from the electrical generator without getting caught by the well trained American security personnel there.

The whole thing was well orchestrated as an excuse to justify the selling of new weapons in Haiti and to install a new repressive force.

Those that are still in doubts about my observation, the next few months will convince you. Having a force of repression in Haiti is more important than developing agriculture, buying tractors, creating more schools, universities, hospitals,medical clinics, crating job for the Haitians because they want genocide in Haiti in order to take over the country and converting it into another Puerto-Rico.

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