Peter, i agree with you. People refuse to understand the world...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 17 2011, 9:30 AM

Peter, i agree with you. People refuse to understand the world is control by a system that the patrons of the world created long ago.This world is on his way to total detruction, and that destruction is inevitable.

We are under their control like a dog, just like the elites in our home. Matter of fact, our elites are under their control as well, just they are bigger dogs.
The elites can gets loan from the world bank to achieve their goal and we are set just to work, another word to keep under control and quiet.

Culture don't have nothing to do with it.The system have a lot to do with it.
Peter, i only have three questions for you, because you have mentioned Satan, Devils.

Are we the only species on this universe for Satan the Devil to mess with?

Why we are here in this planet?

How far we have to go on this planet before destroying ourselves?

I need to learn, i like to ask questions!


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we are who we are for the courage our people had from...

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