Hey Henry Claude St- Fleur," you are a cock sucker", while you...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 8 2011, 10:35 AM

Hey Henry Claude St- Fleur," you are a cock sucker", while you are in France it's look like you are not enjoying your vacation the way you should.You should be somehere cozy, go visit a winery, a bakery, a cheese farm, drive around in the country side if you don't have nothing to do.
A close friend of mine told me that you are nobody to pay attention to, because you from of a family that used to steal mouton ak kabrit nan peyi wou.minm papa wou te manke tiye youn moun pou prop byen'ni.You from a family of zinglido by nature.

I don't like to talk about things that i am not sure or know, like i said that info from a close friend that know you place of birth and your great parents.

If all of the above are not possible, well look for a restaurant to work or a farm, this is the time of the year the french start fertilizing the crops, maybe you can learn something new and you will have a new skill that will help you boost the cause in Haiti.

Take care


Sweet Micky est-il un CitoyenAm

La Madeleine(France).mardi 3 mai 2011 Dangers sur la D

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