Josy, if Haitians don't use they heads DR will always makes...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 5 2011, 7:02 PM

Josy, if Haitians don't use they heads DR will always makes fortune with Haitians.

I wouldn't say misfortune, the reasons are clear, we don't have enough discipline, any level Haiti was ruling by animals with four legs and tails.

While these animals were stealing everything in the country, DR Govs were doing serious things, Airports,roads, hospitals,villages, livestocks,farmings, factories,educations, environments projects includings national parks, beach fronts, resorts,hotels ect.
Haitians are very related with animals when it come to get the job done.
We talk more than we think, all days /nights like monkeys with any focus and goal.
Dominicans at early age they train to listen, focus and work as a team.
We are thieves, selfish thieves, don't care about the outcome, dangers that can cause the country in the end.
If the new prez don't start cutting people hands off of their bodies in his Govs.Him too will fail to fix the country.

So far every Haitian face i see, i only see an animal charactere in him, meaning don't care for others and the country.

When you are depending of someone else to eat.You are no body, just a plain dog.
Proove wrong.

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It is politic, and President Martelly has to deal...

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