Excellent ideas! This restavek system must end! free school...

Jynee - April 23 2011, 2:44 PM

excellent ideas! This restavek system must end! free school and school lunch program is the remedy to the restavek system because many parents give away their kids because they can't put them to school and feed them, if school is free and the kids have 1 warm meal it will alleviate the burden on the parents.

also, they need to enforce child labor laws because in effect a restavek is a domestic worker being denied a wage and no one should be force to be a domestic worker for free. These children are house slave and slavery was abolished over two hundred years ago. they need to pass some laws to protect children, a domestic worker should be at least 18 years of age and recieve a salary.


Haiti "Situation des Restavek" "Scolarite des enfants en bas age"

La premiere republique noire a abolir l'esclavage, il est temps de formuler une politique sur l'abolition des enfants...

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