New Cultural Order Americans are trying to impose in Haiti

Concerned Haitians - April 13 2011, 4:36 PM

Are we Haitian will let a decadent society tries to impose its filth to the Haitian people by using immorality as a currency to lure the young and impressionable minds to their path of destruction.

We concerned Haitians must be the master of our destiny not the traditional enemies of our people.

Let reject this wave of decadence in Haiti

If you have any info about the degenerates that try to highjack our culture for the benefit of the imperialists, send your info at:
commandante12 at

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Concerned Haitian says...

If the third links is missing in the previous poster so I resubmitted it. This is what it is about and for the Haitian to see what the Americans are... more »

Gladys says...

It is hard for me to believe that the Haitians I saw on this video stoop that low more »