President-elect Michel Martelly

Remy J. Gallant - April 12 2011, 6:27 PM

I never have any doubts about you being the president of Haiti .If I remember well when my colleagues from Radio Kreyol in New-York did an interview with you at a festival at the Eisenhower Park in Long Island years ago, you were the only one that mention of creating a Union and Insurance policy for the Haitian Musicians so they'll have a decent burial when they died so people won't have to collect money for their funeral or for their family.

So Mr. the President-elect, as the founder and co-animateur of Original Retro every Friday night on ""; you have my full backing, support and blessing.Let's put Haiti first.


Remy J. Gallant

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Miejo says...

il y a un temps pour tout a dit ECCL more »