I am not a fan of Martelly but I think he wins the elections...

Jean - April 9 2011, 4:31 PM

I am not a fan of Martelly but I think he wins the elections.

It is not always easy to swallow a defeat, Since it is not part of our culture to lose an election.

Mirlande never thought that Martelly would get to that level as a lot of people underestimated him..She just has to face the reality of what behind any elections.

People will vote on the basis of liking the candidate, that happens everywhere.They like you they vote for you though the regrets can come after.

To give a good example for the future generation, she should just congratulate Martelly and move on.I know it is tough to do so now.The greatest leader never loses.The victory of Martelly supposed to be considered for her as obtacles before reaching her goal for this country.

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