I particularly admire his response to quetion # 11. "When I...

Batto - April 8 2011, 6:04 PM

I particularly admire his response to quetion # 11. "When I was an Artist, I acted like an Artist.

Now that I am the Elected-President of the Republic, I will behave as such." Thank you so much President Michel Joseph Martelly for that answer.

For once and for all, instead of talking about the trivial stuff, let us start concentrating on the monumentous task that we have ahead of us which is to rebuild our country and bring about hope for its beloved people.

Mwen pap mouri a letranje non! Ampil nan nou nan diaspora gintan ale nan payi san chapo sann pa gintan we Haiti chanje.

Depim piti mwen we nap chante poul chanje.

L'heure sonne! The time is NOW! May God Bless Haiti and our Newly Elected-President.

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