David Grant and Toussaint have touch on some of good points on...

Cj - April 8 2011, 1:44 PM

David Grant and Toussaint have touch on some of good points on choosing a PM. In order for the newly elected president govern Haiti with the least risk of failure, he must choose wisely who is qualified to be the second in charge.

Haiti government needs new, fresh, current, up-to-date, twenty-first century, relevant, intelligent and topnotch team. Now if Mr. Bellerive have the credential requires then Mr. Martelly should not hesitated to go forth with in the rebirth of my beloved country.

With that said....It is an imperative duty of ANYONE who is citizen of a democratic country/nation, within MINIMAL requirements/guidelines to willingly become a public servant, whom are those who serve in governmental office, hence the result of this very recent elected president...Congrats to Mr. Martelly for reporting to duty as Commander in Chief!...

But we the patriots, citizens, friends of Haiti and lovers of humanity, with all jokes aside, stop this nonesense about ENTERTAINING the idea that Wiclef should become the next PM of Haiti.

I am a fan of his ART and the good hearted citizen that he is and all the works that he does for our beloved country...no doubt he loves his country and never ashamed to represent it to the fullest.

I believe wants the best for Haiti.

He can become the president of his country if that duty calls for him but not the PM of his country, because he has not acquired the skills to fulfill search duty.

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