This the most uplifting and the best speech that I have heard...

Tiba - April 6 2011, 6:28 AM

This the most uplifting and the best speech that I have heard from a Haitian president ever. Bravo!

I am now waiting to hear the content of the inaugural speech where, I assume, he will lay down and present his government program to the Haitian people.

This is where he should and must declare Haitians as "FIRST" class citizens and demand his entire government and everyone else in Haiti to treat ALL Haitians as first class citizens with the utmost respect, integrity, and dignity from this moment forward and forever.

If anything else, this is one of the most important acknowledgement the Haitian wants to hear from their new president and he will experience the most outpouring support for his government on the spot.

As a Haitian citizen, I am sick and tired of being treated like a reject, garbage, or like a dog by my own government for too long.

Haiti has 9 departements and not 10, however, just for argument sake, I would like to hear the new president's feelings, in his inaugural speech, on millions of Haitians living abroad who have been the sole supporters of Haiti for the past decades.

Once again, I would like to hear, in his inaugural speech, about his short-term and his long-term goals for Haiti and the Haitian people everywhere.

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