15 year-old boy dies for celebrating Martelly's win - read the...

Wapsuiv - April 5 2011, 12:19 PM

15 year-old boy dies for celebrating Martelly's win - read the story below and say a prayer for him and Haiti.

Haiti - Elections: 1 death and a few regrettable incidents...

05/04/2011 11:32:54

On the sidelines of the electoral celebration, several incidents were reported Monday night during the popular festivities.

At Petion ville youth offenders throwing stones on private residences and commercial establishments, the National Police had to fire shots into the air to disperse these delinquents.

Calls for the arrest of the outgoing President Rene Preval, were also launched throughout the streets of Port-au-Prince.

"Arretez Preval" chanted young people coming mainly from the slums, showing pictures of Michel Martelly.

Other hostile demonstrations against the candidate Mirlande Manigat and Radio-Tele Caraibes [a media who had openly supported the campaign of the candidate Manigat] were reported by witnesses.

In Cap Haitien, Jeff Dorvil, a 15 year old boy who showed his joy for the election of Michel Martelly, was stabbed, according to testimony from citizens, by partisans of Nawoon Marcellus.

Transported to the hospital Justinien the young Dorvil died. An investigation is opened to determine the exact circumstances of this aggression.

Several minor injuries were reported in different cities, victims of jostling, drops or jets of various objects.

HL/ HaitiLibre

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