Wilkenson, you might be living with ignorace within you that...

Wilkesse Dorsainvil - April 4 2011, 1:25 PM

Wilkenson, you might be living with ignorace within you that why you do not understand.

Listen! The voodou is not reppeated as religion in my common sense.

I use that word because by using voodou, we can not make any invention or any electrical tools that can be useful for the Haitian peoples.

The only way we use it, is to destroy peoples and most of time well educated peoples or church goers who ignore Jesus christ as their personal Saviour.

A constructive society does not demand hatred and destruction through black or white magic.

Now you get it brother?

We have to stop bury peoples alive or animals alive in Haiti and the only way peoples do it, it's voodou.

When you call on evil spirit, It asks you for blood, we have to stop it brother.

Jesus christ is the answer for Haiti because peace, Love, blessings tolerance ect coming from the Lord not from Evil.

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Li le li tan pou n sispann viv nan ignorans paske se...


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