I do not have time for something like you!This is why sometime...

Richelle - April 3 2011, 7:43 AM

I do not have time for something like you!This is why sometime betiz have to say in this blog, when dealing with some stupid haitian like yourself.

I do not want to go back to betiz field, but hey do your best no to attack me.I will not care what any of you say, I will tell whoever attack me bad betiz keep that in mind.That bitch had no idea of what she was talking about, by saying michel is not educate enough to be the president.

I assume you are mirande supporter, I'm careless about that.This is what mirlande people do best attacking michel & his supporters just to bring that cliche conversation mirlande is well educate.For yu'all information you people can kiss michel butt & his suportes as well.You people will have millions butts to kiss because michel has millions, who wants him to be the next president.

So get yu'all tongue ready for the coming butt cleaning, some of you will not get to clean no butt because of the unclean tongue.

Michel people arre very clean, we will verify all of the tongue before we let you people to put your tongue in our butt.Some of u will not pass that clean tongue test, because you people are not clean at all.bann ti sou-sou ap achete that old wrinkle face while she do not give a damm about yu'all.

Response to:

koman nou fe di betiz konsa-a.That is all you know?


RE: Michel Martelli

Michel is not educated,no political experiences.Please spare haiti from this harmangedon.

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