Marie, what did Aristide do for the Haiti? How many well...

Toussaint - March 30 2011, 1:44 PM

Marie, what did Aristide do for the Haiti?

How many well educated and experienced politicians who have held office or currently hold office in Haiti since J. C. Duvalier abdicated in 1986?

What have they done for the country besides steal, steal, and steal?

As a 70 year old woman, I honestly do not believe that Mrs. Manigat doesn't have the will of the Haitian people at heart.

I profoundly do not question her intentions for not even one tense.

My fear is that, there are so many crooked politicians, especially from the Inite party that presently hold office in Haiti that, I don't believe she would know how to deal with them. She seems too passive and respectful.

You cannot be lenient.

respectful toward those thieves.

We need someone what will strike fear in them and keep them in line or else....and that is the rationale why I prefer Mr. Martelli as the next president of the Republic of Haiti over Mrs. Manigat.

She would however make a great prime minister for Martelli's administration or the woman who was the former prime minister.

She wasn't in their band of thieves, that's why they voted her out and got impeached.


RE: Michel Martelli

Michel is not educated,no political experiences.Please spare haiti from this harmangedon.

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