Secret info from OEA said Sweet Micky won the election by 68.8%

Elois Maitre - March 27 2011, 4:58 AM

Someone highly placed in the OEA organization and in the Ste Department revealed that Michel Martelly won the election with 68.8%.

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Pauline says...

si ta gen information se globalpost kita konen.n more »

Tioul Numero Trois says...

Elois so plait til maladiya pas galla. All Jean Claude needs is T.L.C tender loving care. His girl friend is too old for him. She looks 75 y/o and... more »

Lisentibon says...

I disagree Tioul, because i believe for Jean Claude to get better faster he needs his ass licked by Preval and a nice sweet patient blow from... more »

Nou Pour Michel Martelly says...

tell Mirlande it's a bad message to be sleep with a married man. The people choice should be respected. more »