35.01% of voting mintutes have already been tabulated

Sawkowe - March 23 2011, 10:38 PM

Haiti - Elections: 35.01% of minutes were tabulated
23/03/2011 15:26:23

Mr. Louiner Jean-Marie director of electoral operations precise "We have 11.182 polling stations so we need to get 11.182 minutes [for president], which should arrive in the Tabulation Center." As to whether the results will be known before the date, the director said, "This is not me that deals with numbers, these are the technicians which enters the data, depending on how they receive them"

For the second round of the presidential and legislative elections in Haiti, the progress in the process at the Vote Tabulation Center (CTV) this March 23, 2011 at 12:41 pm is the following :

Total number of minutes: 11,182

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 3,779 (33.80%)
Minutes in progress of treatment: 7,112 (63.60%)
Minutes to receive: 291 (2.60%)

Total number of minutes: 5,134

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 1,184 (23.06%)
Minutes in progress of treatment: 3,772 (73.47%)
Minutes to receive: 178 (3.47%)

Total number of minutes: 9,619

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 4,118 (42.81%)
Minutes in progress of treatment: 5,275 (54.84%)
Minutes to receive: 226 (2.35%)

TOTAL of the Tabulation completed: 9,081 minutes (35.01%)
TOTAL of the Tabulation in treatment: 16,159 minutes (62.31%)
TOTAL of the minutes to receive: 695 (2.68%)

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