My point is, Toussaint, that may be we need to look at what...

Jeffrey Fizpatrick - March 23 2011, 12:08 AM

My point is, Toussaint, that may be we need to look at what people do in Haiti as a state of mind which produces certain actions contrary to the betterment of the society, as opposed to just blame it on voodoo.

The Mafia gets rid of competion by doing their own version of voodoo, don't you think?

Haiti needs lights in the environment and in the people's minds so that they can see. When your mind is thinking dark and your eyes are seeing darkness, it is easy to blame it on religion or some cultic practice or someone else.

Toussaint, i am an Anthropologist by way of being an Archeologist.

I have seen a lot of places in the world, and i can tell you that voodoo is not the problem of Haiti, but it is the state of mind of the Haitian that is the problem.

Your flag is the only flag in the world that says Unity is Strength, but your actions do not practice unity.

Unity is strength and it is harmony; whereas, division is weakness and it is discordance.

Wherever in the world you see the weakness of discordance, evil ways always seem to prevail and Haiti is not alone in that.

Your ancestors told you to unite for strength and clarity, why continue to divide for weakness in darkness.

God bless you and God bless Haiti.

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Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, I don't care about the other...

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