Of course! I think the others could have as well if they had...

Toussaint - March 22 2011, 2:05 PM

Of course! I think the others could have as well if they had good intentions and keep the three evil super powers out of the country's affairs.

I don't question Mrs. Manigat good intentions, but I question whether she has the guts like Michel to resent any commands coming from the the evil super powers and do what is good for the country.

I also feel that we all Haitians should stand as one and say NO to coup d'etats any longer in our country.

No matter how powerful those countries may be, they cannot do what they have been doing to us for the past 20 years if we don't help them. I think what could help avoid anymore coup d'etats in Haiti is to form an alliance with Venezuela and Cuba. The leaders of those two countries have joined forces with other Latin American leaders to put an end to coup d'etats in Latin American countries.


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