FYI - Aristide signed on to the embargo of Bill Clinton's...

Lisentibon - March 22 2011, 6:37 AM

FYI - Aristide signed on to the embargo of Bill Clinton's administration, in order to force the military to step down. He could have dealt with the Haitian Army, but he wanted to eliminate them by applauding the embargo with his signature and heartbeat.

Soon after, Aristide also got together with the OAS at the time to make certain that embargo was being enforced, because the republican was questioning its legitimacy.

Aristide and his partners collected between 200 and 300 million US dollars from the diaspora, US Churches and world companies under his Cooporative agenda, and no one knows what happened to that money.

Almost every Haitian who had issues with the Duvalier regime was thinking about going back home, but these people are still across the waters and wondering what happened to the money that Aristide collected.

It is true that Bill Clinton stopped 500 million US dolars from going into the Haitian economy under Aristide, but Aristide should go on telivision and tell the world why the his best friend who had helped him to impose an embargo on Haiti would refuse to help Haiti with 500 million dollars that was already approved by a committe of US Congress.

Aristide had one radical idea good idea, and that is for France to pay back the sum we paid them for the recognition of our independence, which is about 22 billion US dollars by today's rate.

Aristide had one terrible, which was to give weapons to all the juvenile deliquents so that they can form a protective shield around him. He also aligned himself with people who were worshiping lucifer as opposed to God. These people blamed slavery on the worshipers of the Bible, and were against the goodness of the Bible.

Is Aristide an evil ex-priest, i don't know only God knows.

As a priest-social activist he was a brilliant man, but as a president he was just a priest who sold his soul to lucifer.

Whatever was the issue with the embargo and Aristide's administration the Lavalas leadership should take it up with Aristide, Preval and Clinton.

Aristide and Clinton were partners in the embargo.

Aristide and Preval signed on for MINUSTHA, and now Clinton is in charge of Haiti's reconstruction money.

Is Aristide a nightmare?

If he is he is our nightmare and we must deal with it as is. He came back to a house painted pink and white, nobody knows what that means.

Haiti Constitution does not allow exiles by law. Welcome back home Titide.

Let us hope that General Cedras, General Namphy, General Avril and Colonel Francois will come home soon.

Hey Aristide i thought Clinton and Preval were your best friends, what's up now?

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