Time to learn the Child lesson!

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - March 18 2011, 12:25 AM

History has been repeated again, and the country is in the darkest time of the times.

Jean Bertrand Aristide, Jean Claude Duvalier, and all others who were involved in the dogmatization system politic of Haiti shall enjoy great freedom with legal requirement because Haiti is the country that accepts mediocrity to be philosophy, liars to be trustees, big mouth with false speeches to be wiseman.Therefore, the return of these guys will only bring turmoil and destability in a poor country like that where a man with a trick word is god of the bottom pit to fool the poor and the illiterate.

Now, Both Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide shall learn their lessons they forget in the elementary school," Qui seme le vent moisonne la tempette".

Jean Claude Duvalier is broke to the point He could not pay His rental apartment in France, and the International stole all his wealth etc., and Jean Bertrand Aristide while in Africa learned Zoulou going back to manipulate the people with an other dialect,; this time it will not be krik krak boule yo, but zoulou zoulou zak zak kyeh to return to their home land learning how to respect people, counting the humiliation in other countries, knowing that they were only great in Haiti, after being shut up their big mouths they realized that will be nothing out of Haitian politic; although wasted all the country treasures, deciding to come and return is the most unethical and immoral nature for them without having to respond for their crimes committed against many families in Haiti.

Aristide and the Metayer's family, and many unaccounted and unreported murders and crimes committed by their regimes.

Many complained that Jean Bertrand Aristide presence in Haiti will demoralize the election in Haiti, and it is not really true of the situation that centralized the misery of the people.

Both of these guys should remain in Haiti their homeland and should not force out of the country for any reason even if they have to face justice and jail time so let it be to put the country in the right track.

Many families would like to report crimes and murders that they suffered under lavalas party with Aristide intimidation was the greatest challenges faced many people from the poor to the rich; there was no opposition to halt his anarchist ideology that is satanic and devilish by using white magic and frank Masonry to keep my Haitian people under the spirit of the demon which is a spirit of seduction.

Among the many leaders that we have known to elect to the presidency of Haiti; there are many good and bad well known leaders with little power to do anything best for their country; neverthless, President Rene G Preval with all due reserve for some of his supporters that chose to menace people for been criticized of his politic.

President Rene G Preval in my opinion must consider to be the greatest president of his time for his tolerance, peaceful, unpersecuted, uncreated of many political gangs to kill people and opponents, so these facts qualified him to be the best for his spirit of love for all. During Preval presidency, no oppositon can claim to be intimidate neither jail for any reason except for been a criminal, kidnapper, and a serial killer.

Because all three Ex-presidents would have to learn to live in Haiti, Aristide will have the opportunity to teach Preval and Jean Claude Zoulou, on the other part Jean Claude will teach Arisitde and Preval French and the anture of homeless, then Preval will teach Aristide and Jean Claude the nature of a true leader who loves his or her country not to kill, not to burn people alive, not to create gangs group to kidnap people.

Ex- Presidents take the time to teach the country your experiences in France how you had to be kicked out of your apartment for only one reason knowing not embrace diversity, and you Mr. Dechouker, have the capacity to tell the people about your experience as simple citizen while in South Africa the little lesson should teach to your kids that you had to remind again how to appreciate what had taken for granted.

History will tell the rest! Good luck Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier to both of you quiet your mouth not to cause any repeated mistake of the past and live well and safe in your country, and Remember God loves so do I. Fianlly, Michel Martelly is already President of Haiti, no unpredictible forece can change the course of history! It is a fact to accept.

I thought it could be Mrs.Manigat, unfortunately, it seems to be in favor of Mr. Michel Martelly.

Good luck to both and who ever wins will be my president.

03/18/2011, please remember that I am not the smartest person, so don't look at the mistake but the content of the words.

God bless you all.


Dr.Rivel Dumaine, Pastor

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