It's good for Haitians to return home but you also have to...

Jynee - March 17 2011, 3:29 PM

It's good for Haitians to return home but you also have to remember that the guys you are calling for are leaders not followers.

Haiti already suffers a problem of too many cooks in the kitchen.

to think those guys can just sit back relax while someone else is in the driver seat of power is not that believable.

Once you taste power I don't see how you can stay away from it when it's so close to your grasp.

I don't believe Aristide and Jean-Claude are going to stay away from politic.

They'll probably work behind the scene but they can't stay away. Aristide very return is a political power play by Preval.

I can guarantee you Aristide at this very moment is scheming how to outsmart Preval at his own game.

Haitian politic is the best tragic-comedy soap-opera ever created, the best writers in the world couldn't make it up. It just too hard to resist!

Those guys wants to come back home and they should be able to return but before they can return, Haiti need a strong secured coup d'etat proof government.

I don't think we have achieved that yet!


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