Why don't you proof read before you post. When will you people...

Fatdog - March 17 2011, 12:11 PM

Why don't you proof read before you post. When will you people stop the same political BS crap when you realize that you can't win, I can understand why you would write these things about manigat.

I can see that everyone is on the Michel's band wagon but that's really no reason to deliberately try to spread lies about someone like Mirlande Manigat, because through the years Michel has been nothing but immoral and can't really find a thing to say about Manigat, the campaign now goes to trashing manigat.

Come on now people let's focus on the issues at hand, aristide is heading back to Haiti today and i can't see a good outcome of the elections on Sunday, why don't you talk about that, even Michel won't get to be president after all, even if he were to win, which he won't.


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According to Radio Pa Nou in Brooklyn NY,Lesly...

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