Mirlande Manigat's Campaign Heads to the Haitian Provinces

Haitian presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat is begining to hit the provinces to spread her 'Vote for Me' message.

Mirlande Manigat Campaign - Solino, Cite Soleil
Mirlande Manigat Campaign - Solino, Cite Soleil

So far, Madame Manigat has been to Fond-Verrettes and Thomazeau...

Mwen swete li fe yon ti kout pye Hinche...

Has any of the candidates been to Hinche?

Ya'll need to campaign in my hometown!
Fe-m pale pou granmesi... selman!

The former first lady also made a trip to Solino, Cite Soleil, two "Quartier Populaire" (slums) in the Port-au-Prince.

Some of the pictures were posted on her Facebook page. I actually noticed some activity on her facebook page today...

Madame nan up-to-date wi lar!
That's very good!


How do you think her campaign is going so far?
Are you feeling any vibe from her campaign?

Reply with your comments.

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Skinnycat says...

What have been eating fat dog, why are you so fat. Leave the cadavres alone in their burial place.

Stop digging the cemetery for fresh kills.

OK! You won. Now stop eating the poor dead bodies.

have the dignity to let them rest peacefully, and find other means to sustain yourself.

There are plenty of other fat dogs

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Fatdog says...

Why don't you proof read before you post. When will you people stop the same political BS crap when you realize that you can't win, I can understand why you would write these things about manigat.

I can see that everyone is on the Michel's band wagon but that's really no reason to deliberately try to spread lies about someone like Mirlande Manigat, because through the years Michel has been nothing but immoral and can't really find a thing to say about Manigat, the campaign now goes to trashing manigat.

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Gren says...

I guess Manigat was right Haitians return to their vomit, Are you one of

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Toulimen says...

Lesly Francois Manigat stated after he lost the last presidential elections that all Haitians are dogs' vomit.

They can vomit and their vomit like dogs. We cannot appoint her wife as president of Haiti.

Manigat Lesly hated Haitians since then and he could sell the country to anyone because he believes that Haitians are dog poo. Those who are supporting Mirelande Manigat are dog poo per her husband's declaration after Feb

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Mandem Enco says...

According to Radio Pa Nou in Brooklyn NY, Lesly Manigat ex wife used to help Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat in her home when she had financial difficulties in France .One day Lesly Manigat ex wife went out when she came back home she found Mirlande and her houseband were making love.The ex wife got beat up by Lesly Manigat till she went to the hospital and got in a weelchair for life. Mirlande hyppolite caused the couple to have a divorce because her immorality.

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Lejean Jacques says...


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Madan Manigat, dat ou la?

Konbyen kay ofelinage ou te fe?

konbyen klinik sante ou te fe pou malere?

Manigat te prezidan ou te fe anyin pou ti moun-n.kounia mwen we ke ou kinbe ti moun-n nan

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Pansekle says...

Michel Martelly Tet kale. Poin

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Yocore says...

The green, white and yellow colors were flying high in Cap Haitien as INITE allied with FANMI LAVALAS to exercise to plan to eliminate Michel Martelly from winning the second round.

Read the story and draw your own conclusions.


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L Union Fait La Force says...

I dont know y people still talking about mirlande manigat it is over for

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