YES, and obviously Mr. Aristide is a big time troublemaker. He...

Josy - March 15 2011, 3:38 PM

YES, and obviously Mr. Aristide is a big time troublemaker.

He claims that he is sick, and needs to return home. It seems that seven years did not make him blind, but a week will and it is so ridiculous.

I hate politics, but after the earthquake became interested in it and would like to see Mr. Martelly succeeds.

I feel guilty everytime I eat, sleep in a bed, take a warm shower, and receive medical care. I am constantly thinking about the human beings living under tents made with sheets, and the young girls being rapes by animals.

Mr. Aristide is an instigator, and has a way with words to manipulate his followers.

He is very smart, and savvy.

The fans are illiterate, and interpret his signals.

I was so happy when I heard that a priest was going to be president in Haiti, because I know he would have the fear of GOD in him and will know right from wrong.

I am not happy with the result, and he did nothing for the country.

I was even OK with it when he turned his back on the catholic church to serve the country, and it was all part of his plans to become very wealthy.

I have one question for him, and would like to know where his money came from. I am a fifth generation of Catholics, and priests take certain vows. The vow of poverty is one of them, and unless I am crazy it means you do not have one dollar in your name. He broke the vows of chastity, and obedience.

The bible is OK with those who cannot remain celibates to get married, and I do not care if he disobeyed his superiors.

I rather him get married, and not abusing children.

I simply would like to see proof of him becoming filthy rich, and there are three ways to acquire fortunes legally.

You either inherite it from family, or win the lottery and profited from investments.

I just want him to demonstrate, and show me papers about one of the three.

He should stay in South Africa until after the election, and prove his love for his people.

There are dark forces at work in this election, and they are trying to sabotage Mr. Martelly because they know the majority of Haitians want him president.

I have news for them, and they better get use to it. If GOD if for Mr. Martelly who can be against him, and light always win over darkness.

The LORD has plans for this young man, and not even the power of hell can stop them.

GOD BLESS MR. MICHEL JOSEPH MARTELLY, and even his name is very powerful.

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