Obama Administration Wants South Africa To Delay Aristide's Return to Haiti

STOP Aristide, The U.S. says... President Aristide's return to Haiti BEFORE the election is meeting some unexpected delays. The United States literally asked South Africa to delay his departure.

President Aristide Crying - Gade Aristide k-ap Kriye

It is true that Aristide wants to return to Haiti as a private citizen but the fact still remains... He is a former head of state and a complicated figure in Haitian politics. and the U.S. fears his return may mess up the elections.

Reuters reports...

"The Obama administration said Monday that the former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide should refrain from returning to Haiti before the presidential runoff election on Sunday...."

U.S. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, says...

Mr. Aristide has the right to return to Haiti but doing so this week "can only be seen as a conscious choice to impact Haiti's elections."

A delay, Mr. Toner said, would "permit the Haitian people to cast their ballots in a peaceful atmosphere."

Aristide's Lawyer, ira Kuszban, says...

"The United States should leave that decision to the democratically elected government instead of seeking to dictate the terms under which a Haitian citizen may return to his country."


What do you say?

Do you think the U.S. is right for stepping in OR...
Do you believe the Obama Administration is sticking their nose in our business?

Reply with your comments

Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti   PHOTO - Oriel Jean   Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sezi...   President Aristide Crying - Gade Aristide k-ap Kriye   Titid = Lape, Aristide Means Peace   Arnel Belizaire & Jean Bertrand Aristide   Jean Bertrand Aristide and Nelson Mandela   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide  

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Lucien Bonnet says...

REObama Administration Wants South Africa To Delay Aristide's Return To Haiti

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Annette says...

I think it is crucial that aristide stay away until the election so that the ELECTIONS WILL BE PEACEFUL

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Nicolas Ronel says...

The statement of Obama's administration about the return of ex president aristide to delay it, is speech, nothing else.This has a great diplomatic dimension to consider.

US has the power to stop, to order and to be hearded, that's because it is US.We can't take seriously this statement.

We think Obama's administration doesn't have nothing like will to see a real change in my beloved country Haiti.Dear haitian citizen don't take seriously this statement of the Obama 'sadministration, that's

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Naked Man says...

Si Aristide vle retounin en Haiti avek yon bon intansion pou-l al ede vreman, delay his return shouldn't be a problem for him.

he can return any time after the election and still can help the country if he wants to. I don't see any problem with that. Now if he insist to go back before the election now everyone can see that he is after something and they sould keep him where he is now for ever. (Word

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Florence says...

se pa vle yo pa vle aristide nan peis dhaiti aristide charger avec ban'n chimere deyet li pou eviter problem yo mander pou li vini apre election

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Dauphin says...

Obama pagen okenn kote pwale apre manda l, pouki yo pa vle we Aristid an Ayiti?

nou bezwen Titid lakay avan eleksyon.Gen le Aristid ka gouvene lemond sof Ayiti

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Harold Barthelemy says...

My honest opinion.

The United States of America is right.

He has the right to return to his country, but he should wait for the election.

I would prefer him to wait for the elction

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Myrtho says...

It is true that Aristide can return to his country but right now it is not possible.His presence will create chaos and the election will be a mess. Delaying his trip is not going to kill him. He will be back home in due time. Patience is

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Sergo Jean says...

I do not support the topic, Aristide se yon Hayisyen li ye li gen doua poul vote lakay lian Haiti epi Elecsyon ap fe rout li san ocun problem paske foc peyi a gen yon Prezidan.

Le gen group mounn mande yo pou suspan depote ayisyen yo di, yo gen doua pou defann peyi yo, mwen cre Aristide gen doua pou tounen lakay li nenpot le li vle san avi d'ocun

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Davinia says...

Yes I agree a 210% with the

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