I do consider my self at the forefront of the Haitian...

Kill White Babies - March 15 2011, 2:11 PM

I do consider my self at the forefront of the Haitian experience in the 21st century( away from home in foreign countries yet still carry the the original pulse of my people).

So needless to say, its beyond unbelievable to see how parasitic forces of the U.S. Fance and others are so hell bent on completely destroying my people with their propped up puppet leaders and relentless manipulation.

Having said that, its also unbelievable how some of my own would assist these devils in turning their

own country into a pit-stop for foreign exploitation, and their own people into ignorant servants.

Now with the Candidacy of a known and confessed depraved degenerate and his parasitic associates, the people who live in Haiti, living in the aftermath of horrible disasters and foreign destabilization are being coerced into embracing an unqualified, immoral, depraved and contemptuous snake puppet as leader and model to represent Haiti around the world and be a model for the children of Haiti

Its probably the worst thing to happen to a country...its very own people selling it to devils...now I wonder what must be inside the empty heads of those two asswipes siting there acting like they are about something...did the thought ever crossed their minds that they have been had..and that even if they succeed in getting a post that the people they make suffer because of it will be their own and themselves..I hope they dont think their families and children will live a happy existence

then again the wrongs they are trying to perpetuate will only turnaround and go back to them and their own families and children...the whole world knows that ever they say they are about is bullshit and a joke..but the consequence will be real for those they succeed into fooling...The devils and parasites that are trying to feed off Haitians will die out very soon, all whites know that their white babies lives depend on eating African children...but their white babies will die out and be killed

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