It's Official, Wyclef Jean Endorses Sweet Micky For President of Haiti

Wyclef Jean Officially endorsed Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly in his bid to become the next president of Haiti in a press conference yesterday.

Here is a photo of Micky and Wyclef shaking hands at the press conference.

Also check out a VIDEO of Micky & Wyclef Campaigning At SOB's - Mirlande Manigat Can't Touch This!

Why did Wyclef endorse Michel Martelly for president you ask?

According to AP, Wyclef said that he decided to endorse his longtime friend because he's technologically savvy and has a charismatic personality that will "help raise money with the donors."

I have the admit... The Martelly campain is the only campain that is really visible on the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc...

Wyclef Jean told the Associated Press...

"My endorsement is not based on the fact he's just my friend. That would have been an emotional thing"

Wyclef Jean told the Reuters...

"I want the international community and all my friends in Haiti and around the world to know I endorse my good friend, Michel Martelly, to be the next president of Haiti...

... I think Martelly represents real change."


What is your opinion about Wyclef's Endorsment of Sweet Micky for president of Haiti?

Do you think he us just endorsing his friend or is it more than that?

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